Social media for the business audience is a way to connect, engage and impact their target audience and thus social validation.

Social media has proved its worth time and again. There’s no question that social media is an integral part of your digital marketing machine, especially if you are selling directly to consumers. As such, marketers are on the lookout for the most efficient and effective means to understand how their customers are using social media to better market to them. Social media is one of the most efficient platforms to gauge customer behavior and buying patterns. There is huge value in being able to identify and append social network URL’s and demographic information to a marketing database.

How Tiaradata Worldwide can help?

A social profile adds personality to what was previously only a name, job title, lead score, or customer history. Having social network information in a CRM lets you have more authentic conversations with business decision makers. With our socially validated data, you’ll know the “Four W’s” of your audience:

  • Who: Demographics, occupation, location and more

  • What: Interests, brand affinities, lifestyles and influence

  • Where: Most used social sites and online hangouts

  • With whom: Associates, industry contacts and friends